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Personalised Tours

Choose any mix of activities from our ever expanding List of Authentic Aboriginal Cultural Experiences and we will organise an Itinerary, unique to you.

Visit Special Aboriginal Places

There are so many "Places" of significance in Moreton Bay.
First Nation Peoples' are only now allowing visitors to access these Special Places of Cultural significance, along with a Local Aboriginal to Guide.

Inclusive Participation

As you are taken on a journey through the landscape, you will hear some of our Stories, Learn the significance of our Totems for both Men & Women, be taught to recognise natural resources & participate in hunting, gathering & in some cases preparation of in-season, traditional Bush Tucker.

AACE' Role

AACE has been formed as the "Go To" - Group Booking, Packaging & Billing Agent for Authentic Aboriginal Culture based Businesses, Activities & Experiences.

Dannis Prowse

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Adventure Experiences

Goorie Style

  • Culture Camps
  • Kayaking Moreton Bay
  • Kayaking Brown Lake
  • One Mile to Myora
  • 4WD Safari's (Extensive)
  • Sandboarding
  • Whale Adventure (Seasonal)
  • Kangaroo Adventure (Dusk)
  • Goompi Trail
  • Jumpinpin Tour
  • Fishing
  • Secrets of Adder Rock (Sunset)



Educational Experiences

Brian Moreton Coghill. B.Env

Brian has a degree in Environmental Management from Griffith University​​ & ​studie​​s ​in ​Archaeology and Anthropology​. Most significantly he ​also has a ‘degree’ in his living cultural knowledge, handed down to him by five generations of Uncles, Aunties and Grandfathers.
See Flora & Fauna & understand the relationship to People, Land & Water.
Brian's "Gooriemooka Tours" are leaving an imprint on such a diversified audience, He is making a reputation for himself Worldwide.


Gooriemooka Tours, Talks & Services

  • Curriculum Based Learning
  • Culture Camps
  • Guest Speaker
  • Aboriginal Environmental Management
  • Visit Midden Site's
  • 4WD Safari's (Extensive)
  • Beach Walk Aboriginal Stories
  • Bush Walk Aboriginal Stories

Use Our Services


Traditional Experiences


  • Hunting
  • Campfire Stories
  • Dot Painting
  • Boomerang Throwing
  • Catching Crabs
  • Eugarie Collecting
  • Catering

More to Come . . .

  • 4x4 Bus to Brown Lake
  • Glass Bottom Canoes'
  • Snorkelling
  • Cooking Classes


  • Quandamooka (Moreton Bay)

    Brian & Mark, Aboriginal Business Owners, Family Leaders, First Nation Peoples' of Moreton Bay. They are stepping into the future by creating a track for the next Generation to Follow.

  • These Leaders of Quandamooka have gathered their resources, identified their strengths & collectively created a diverse range of Inclusive Cultural Activities.
    Our Emic Spiritual & Environmental practice, is a living Culture. Our Knowledge has managed the Lands and Waters of Our part of South -Eastern Queensland for tens of thousands of years.
    First Nation Peoples' of Quandamooka have continued our Traditions, Customs & LOREs.
    That has sustained People, Land and Waters of the Quandamooka.

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